Copper Sri Yantra Pendant Rope Necklace


This Yantra pendant, with its representation of the genetic code of the entire universe, ignites your inner essence and connects you to existence itself. It’s made of copper with an adjustable sliding knot wax cord. Wear yours as a sacred piece of jewelry, or on your skin as a potent holistic healing tool.

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How does more inner peace and healing energy sound to you?

The Sri Yantra is the most powerful of all Yantras. It’s a geometric representation of the cosmos and symbolises the union of the divine masculine and feminine.

Sri Yantra is also known as the Shree Yantra, Sri Chakra, or Shri Yantra and has been used for thousands of years for healing and positive energy.


Shree Yantra Amulet – Infused & Charged with Shakti

This precise design is placed on a copper plate for excellent energy conduction and comes with a coffee-brown adjustable sliding knot wax cord. The amulet is charged with high vibrations from Vedic Healing Fires and Sanskrit Mantras.


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Sacred Geometry Pendant Energy Conductor Holistic Jewelry

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  1. Simon

    The Sri Yantra Pendant makes me feel much more relaxed and grounded

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